3 components of the perfect shelfie

Ever wondered how to take the perfect shelfie? Do you even know what a shelfie is?

The term "shelfie" is basically just a photo of a shelf displaying different objects. That can be a book shelf or in this case, my bathroom shelf! An honest shelfie may not be filled with pretty, aesthetically pleasing products. We all have those "ugly" products in our bathroom cabinets that we would never share on Instagram, no matter how well they get the job done. I'm going to start by saying that I purposefully chose to include my prettier products for this post to show you three basic components of taking a good shelfie.

1. Select a color scheme

The first step to setting up your shelfie is to choose a color scheme. For this one I chose to go with pink and add hints of green, white and gold. Choose colors that compliment each other!

2. Use fun fillers!

Get creative! I added some extra items to fill out the negative space, for example, the plant, a bar of soap and a Takashi Murakami figure. You could even say that the KNC Beauty pouch was an addition to the background. As you can see, even my props were selected to fit the color scheme.

3. You know your angles, now find your product's angles!

Finally, play around with placement, spacing and angles. Not every product has to be facing the same way or lined up in a row. These techniques give your shelfie more movement. In my shelfie I angled the products at the ends to face inward. The KNC Beauty lip mask on the left, the NARS illuminator and MUFE primer on the right are all slightly angled to face the center.

If you really wanted to know, this is what my honest shelfie looks like. All of my products on display!

Stay tuned for an "ugly" shelfie post and have fun showing your shelves some love!! 💕