Ouai Haircare

Being born with super thick hair, I was never one to put effort into styling it. With the amount of hair on my head it would take hours for me to even try using styling tools. That being said, I've resorted to using texturizing sprays since I can use my hands to add volume and shape. I've tried so many hair products and majority of them leave me with greasy, heavy hair...until I picked up OUAI's Morning After Kit.


OUAI's dry shampoo foam is a game changer for me. The foam allows me to see just how much I'm putting in my hair and it leaves my hair feeling like I just washed it. More importantly it doesn't weigh down my hair like other dry shampoo sprays do!


I was hesitant to put the rose hair & body oil in my hair because my hair is typically on the oily side. However, I found that it works best if I put it on wet hair after a shower. It makes my hair so much softer.