Antonym Cosmetics: Sustainable, Organic & Cruelty Free

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Lately I've been posting tons of skincare reviews, so it's about time for a makeup one. As the summer comes to an end, I become more open to wearing heavier makeup. Letting go of the concealer, mascara, blush routine for the summer and grabbing my eyeshadow, liner, foundation and bronzer! Today I'll be introducing Antonym Cosmetics: a sustainable, organic and vegan makeup line.

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Antonym Cosmetics sent over an eyeshadow pallette, blush and eyeliner for me to try out. Now, my eyeshadow skills aren't the best and I rarely ever wear it... But their To The Moon and Black pallette made it easy for me to create a dark, smokey look.

Both the eyeshadow and the blush (Baked Blush in Copper) are very highly pigmented! I actually made the mistake of putting too much blush on at first, expecting it to be less pigmented like my other blushes are.

The eyeliner I tried went on more smoothly than I expected. I've tried many gel-like eye pencils but they are way too smudgy. 


All the ingredients in each product are clean, meaning no chemicals! All products are made with certified natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin. In addition to the clean ingredients, their packaging is also eco-friendly. As pictured above, the packaging is made of bamboo that comes from responsibly managed forests. Even the box packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Lastly, of course, Antonym does not test on animals!


In conclusion, I would definitely try more products from Antonym! I absolutely loved that the blush also acted as a highlighter. The color of the blush was amazing on my skin tone and I'm still in shock about how pigmented it is. I also am more willing to wear makeup when using Antonym Cosmetics because of the natural and organic ingredients. It's better for your skin than a bunch of who knows what kind of chemicals in other makeup brands!

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Products courtesy of Antonym Cosmetics.