How to Get an Easy Ombré Lip


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As my lipstick collection keeps growing I thought I'd start playing around with new ways to wear them. I sort of accidentally created an ombré lip the other day and it was so easy! I might as well share how to get this easy ombré lip... 😚

  1. Make sure your lips are moisturized! This is super important because you don't want your lips to appear cracked. I use the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Lipair lip balm for instant results. If you have super dry lips, you might want to exfoliate them before as well.
  2. You'll need two different shades – one light and one dark. Try to pick two lipsticks in the same color but different shades. Bonus if one is a pencil lipstick like NudeStix Lip + Cheek Pencils! The other should be a creamier lipstick like Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips lipsticks.
  3. Line your lips with the darker shade. When you're lining your lips, apply a little more to the inside of your lips like you would normally. 
  4. Apply a good amount of the lighter shade to the middle of your lips. Focus on the middle of your bottom lip, don't go out to the sides so much. 
  5. Press your lips together. This transfers the excess product from your bottom lip to your top lip, and in all the right places.
  6. Use your finger to dab around. Dabbing your lips will subtly blend both shades, but still leave enough to see the color difference. Just tap tap tap around your lips getting every spot.
  7. That's it! Apply a gloss if you'd like, I always use the Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper in clear.
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