Declutter Your Closet: DIY Open Closet Space

After lusting over people's Pinterest closet pics, thirteen year old me decided to invest in a garment rack. One can never have too much closet space and more often than not you find yourself needing more. Especially right now, living in a studio apartment and sharing a single closet, there definitely is not enough room for anything. That's why I'm going to be showing you how easy and affordable it is to create a new storage technique for your clothes, and even keep it looking cute!

A few things to begin your checklist...

A garment rack and hangers are the basic necessities. Garment racks can be purchased from $10 and up. I bought the MULIG Clothes rack at IKEA for $9.99. As always, I prefer to color coordinate the garment rack and the hangers. I chose to purchase the Basic White Wooden Hangers from The Container Store ($7.99-$8.99)

Some optional items and decor...

With the drawers stuffed and the closet about to explode, I decided to purchase an accessory hanger. It's a simple hook where I can hang my belts and some of the bralettes I use most. I bought mine at The Container Store for $1.99.

I put my go-to bags in a storage basket and on top of shoe boxes. The crinkled up bag that you see in the photo on the right is actually a storage basket! It's made of a thick plastic and I thought it was a fun addition. I got my Krinkle Bag at The Container Store for $12.99, but they also have other sizes and even a Krinkle Box.

And that's how you can easily achieve an open closet space for under $50! Mine probably cost about $35 in total to be exact... Good luck!