Welling Court Mural Project

Visited the 8th annual Welling Court Mural Project over the weekend! Although I had lived walking distance to it all my life, I'd never gotten the chance to really take a look.

I also took the opportunity to wear one of my new wicker bags! I wore a vintage clamshell shaped one that I got on Etsy along with a vintage blouse I thrifted earlier in the week.

I definitely recommend checking out the Welling Court Murals if you're into graffiti art or simply looking to take some cool pictures. I recognized a few artists' work and was also introduced to new ones. It reminded me of the Wynwood Walls in Miami, but totally underrated. The streets were quiet and almost empty while some artists were still working.

11-98 Welling Court (30th Avenue & 12th Street)

Astoria, New York, 11102