Home Sweet Home: How I Decorated My Studio Apartment

I love interior decorating, although sometimes I question how good I am haha. The most important part of the house for me is the coffee table because it sits right in the middle of the apartment. I have a round marble coffee table where I decided to put a large book topped with candles, flowers and a small bowl for my jewelry. If you know me, or you read my blog a lot, you know that colors aren't really my thing. Except pink. I love pink! So I put mainly black, white and gray items on top of my coffee table with a few pops of pink.

Now for my walls. I love art and hanging stuff on the walls but I'm so bad at getting the frames straight! Not to mention, my apartment walls are drywall so they are very thin. I usually use anchors when using screws to hang things, but often times there are steel bars behind the drywall so I can't drill as far as I need to. If there are lighter frames that I want to hang I just use a strong mounting tape.

The big photo on the top is a signed photo of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, obviously my boyfriend's touch! On the bottom is a set of framed postcards I got from the Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum.

Since I was younger I've always loved Kidrobot's vinyl toys. I still have a soft spot for cute things and vinyl toys. I mounted a shelf above my full length mirror to display my toys. I have 5 Sonny Angel's (front middle), 5 Labbit's (front right) and a Gloomy Bear bobble head (back right). I also displayed a gold mini skull planter that I got handmade from Etsy (here), but my plant died recently :-( I decorated it with Murakami stickers. Lastly I have a pink Murakami flower pillow (back middle) and a Superflat Murakami figure (left).

Finally, I'll be showing you the bookshelf. My mom found a cute old glass bottle in the shape of a bear that I used to hold a bouquet of dried out flowers. There are so many ways to make use of dead flowers! I used to have them hanging upside down. Beside the flowers I have two tea-light candles in drift wood candleholders and a crystal in front of the flowers.

My book collection keeps growing as I finish each book. I definitely am going to run out of room soon but I can't bring myself to part with my books even when I finish reading them. About half of the book stand is filled with my boyfriend's books and the other half is mine. You can probably tell which side is which! I tried to sort them kind of by height, with the tallest in the middle.