Gallery Walk


In my free time I love to walk around Chelsea and visit all the art galleries. I try to go every month or so since they change up all the time! Over the weekend my friend and I visited Milk Gallery to see "The Real Buy" by Trevor "Trouble" Andrew who is the creator of GucciGhost. It was pretty packed, even though it was closing day. There definitely was a lot of hype around this show because everyone seems to love Gucci. The set up was pretty cool, the walls were lined with painted jackets.

We walked up to 24th street to go to my favorite gallery. Tagilalatella Gallery is my favorite because it's so colorful. My favorite part about this gallery is that their staircase is dripping pink spray paint. They show a lot of street artists that I'm a fan of like Invader, Banksy and Kaws along with others like Mr. Brainwash, Basquiat, and Damien Hirst. They always have something worth seeing. Even the offices are decorated so nicely with work from their artists. 

If you ever want to go visit some galleries, here are some that I usually go to:

Chelsea: Pace Gallery, Artemisia Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Mary Boone Gallery

Soho: Martin Lawrence Galleries, Eden Fine Art, LUMAS, Soho Contemporary Art

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