6 Steps to Achieving an Organized Wardrobe

By Nicole Gardiner

Thanks to this article you will learn how to get your wardrobe organized and cleaned once and for all. Most importantly, knowing how to do it the right way, will save you not only time but energy as well. Useful, isn’t it? The main reason because of which I am writing this is that many people find it hard to orientate while browsing their clothes, they cannot choose what to wear and…where to find it. If your wardrobe is messy and chaotic you will be always late for meetings and dates. Guaranteed. So lets make everything easier. Shall we begin?

Step one: Take everything out of your wardrobe. Everything.

The whole process of cleaning and organizing your wardrobe becomes a lot easier when it is already empty. This way you can see what exactly you possess in terms of clothing. You can also see how much space you have available for storing them back in. If your home is a big one, you can only benefit from it. Put all the clothes either on the floor or on the bed. This can make it easier for you as you will not have to lean down over and over again.


Step Two: Appraise the space you have available

If there is a lot of space, then you should be able to put all of your clothes back in there but in a more organized manner, or you might need to think about storing them in another place. When you are aware of the free space available, you can decide how to proceed and what you would like to put where. 

Step Three: Sort out clothes into categories

Take a look at what exactly you possess and make a decision what you would like to wear and what not. Do not skip this step! The easiest way to store your clothes out is to make piles. A separate pile for each category- frequent use, infrequent use, out of season, giveaway or for charity, for selling or for throwing away.

For a clean and organized wardrobe, please, do not keep some clothes just because you love them or because you are waiting for them to come back into fashion. What if I tell you that the chances are too small? These clothes will either never come into fashion again or will never fit you the way you want to, or your taste will be quite different. The idea of buying new clothes is so more tempting than reusing your old ones, don’t you think?

Step Four: Handle the categories

Lets focus on the clothes you are about to get rid of- the ones which you will donate to charity, giveaway, sell or throw away. Put them all in vacuum seal bags. What is left, are the items which you will put back into the wardrobe. Take away everything which you are not going to keep in your home. This will surely make the situation less overwhelming and cleaner. 

Step Five: Put everything back into the wardrobe

So you have three more categories left- for frequent use, infrequent use and out of season. Fold up the clothes gently and you can start putting all of them back into the wardrobe. You can use one shelf for the clothes you wear frequently, another- for infrequent use and third for the clothes which are already out of season.

Now everything looks better, doesn’t it? With a cleaner wardrobe you can easily go through all of the clothes without wasting time. You need that pink skirt, here it is. As easy as 1,2,3. You have the task done in the best possible way. Congratulations. Now you can have a break and enjoy your organized wardrobe to the fullest.