Picnic Season – Rattan & Wicker Bags

The picnic basket looking bag is the cutest summer essential. Especially when paired with some gingham, which you can read about in part one of the "Picnic Season" series. Wicker and rattan bags come in all shapes, sizes, styles and prices so it's easy to find the perfect one for you. 

Recently I've been loving Mark Cross wicker bags which are unfortunately very out of my price range. But just because something is out of your price range doesn't mean there isn't another similar one out there that will work just as well! I went on Etsy and found these two vintage bags for under $50. Of course many stores like Zara or Mango sell these bags around this time of year too. Even designers like Kate Spade and Prada have their own versions. See what I mean about finding the perfect one for you?