3 Major Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

It's the beginning of a new school year, not so exciting... The best part about school starting again is stocking up on new clothes, am I right? 😉 Here are my top three tips for back to school shopping! 

If you're thinking of shopping at the links below you may be eligible for a student discount.


1. Dress for comfort

Waking up early in the morning can go two ways. The first option, being too tired to wear anything but sweats. And the second option, actually having the energy to look presentable! Well, why not have both? You can now look fashion-forward while still having the comfort of sweatpants. It's the perfect, most effortless look.


2. Always have a hoodie handy

I personally always get cold in school. Some classrooms are colder than others, that's why you should always keep a hoodie handy. Whether you have a locker space to keep a spare hoodie or if you just remember to pack one every morning...it's necessary! While you're at it, why not make it a cute hoodie? Your back up hoodie doesn't always have to be that one you've had for 5 years.


3. Choose a staple tote bag

Why risk damaging your nicest bags by packing it full of books? I always carry around my canvas tote and I'm always on the look out for new ones with cute graphics. These totes are the most convenient and are super light. The best thing about these totes are that they are usually washable, so if any serious damage happens to it you can get rid of them fast.

I hope everybody has a great school year, work hard!

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