#NeverThrowAway – National Consignment Day


It's National Consignment Day! Consignment is just one of the many ways to save textiles from ending up in landfills and polluting the earth. I previously made a post about why you should shop secondhand, and now I'm going to share why you should also #NEVERTHROWAWAY! Today I'm celebrating with The RealReal, an online consignment store where I got my beloved Golden Goose sneakers secondhand, for hundreds less than retail price.

Consigning old clothing is sustainable. Did you know that consignment saves 2.5 billion pounds of textiles from ending up in landfills? Instead of throwing away your unwanted clothes, give others a chance to buy it! Whatever you don't want anymore, someone else might.

Consignment is financially smart. When you throw away your old clothes you get absolutely nothing back. Consign your items and earn back a good portion of the amount you originally paid for them. Who would pass up this easy way to earn a little (or a lot of) extra money?

#NEVERTHROWAWAY. By consigning not only are you providing something for other people, you are also giving back to the earth. As I mentioned before, consigning isn't the only way to get rid of your unwanted clothes. Donating your clothes to organizations such as the GOOD+ Foundation or thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army are also great, sustainable ways to give back. 

The RealReal is a great place to consign. They accept men's and women's fashion, fine jewelry, watches, home goods and even art. It's super easy to get started with them (trust me, I'm a consigner with them!). You can visit them in person to get a free price quote or even have them visit you at home to pick up everything you want to consign. They provide you with everything you need to send in the items for free. If you consign a certain amount of items for the first time they'll give you up to $200 in site credit!


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